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A New Direction

When we said “I Do” in 1953 my husband Johnny and I were both employed in our local neighborhood bank. Johnny was training to be a bank officer and I continued working in all areas from bookkeeping to teller.

On January 9, 1955 the first break in my immediate family came when my Air Force Lt. brother (age 25) was asked to volunteer to take an Airman on an emergency leave to a base in Virginia. He usually flew single seat jets from New York’s Long Island to protect our coast from attack during the Korean War. But to transport the Airman he flew a two-seater to Langley AFB, Virginia. Just after he took off from there he noticed some difficulty and radioed “Mayday.” He headed the plane out to sea and parachuted as he was trained. It was a very wintery night and Tommy wasn’t found until the next morning when a bright sun broke through. My older brother’s friend was the Civil Air Pilot who located him on the beach off Ocean City, MD. His raft was in the water and he was on the beach with a burnt out flashlight in his hand. Later is was learned that he died from monoxide poison. Tommy was just two years my senior and a special companion growing up through school.

Johnny had tried several different Universities in the Philadelphia area and after this tragedy he felt that most people have a spiritual need rather than financial. He registered at Concordia Seminary in Springfield, Illinois, that January and when he was accepted in August we decided to pack up our apartment, and with the help of his brother driving my brother’s truck, we moved to the housing near the Seminary. I was planning to work his way through a six year course, so I found a job at First National Bank in Springfield, IL. Johnny had finally found his calling and did excellent in all his studies. The friendships we made there we still have today.

During those years we were blessed with three children and we were able to Vicar in our home area so that the children could spend time with grandparents. The first Call from the Seminary was to Emmaus Lutheran Church, Wauseon, OH. It was a little frame church on Main St. that had been vacant for two years. They owned nine acres of land on the highway and they were anxious to relocate. I call this first ministry location our honeymoon because it was a real marriage between people and Pastor. First a beautiful parsonage was built followed the next year by a spacious church with adequate room for Sunday School and Worship. The mortgage was paid within 15 years.

It has been a marvelous journey with my family that later numbered 7 and many grandchildren plus many others that we look forward to meeting with Jesus in the life He has promised us. God has been faithful in that journey that took us from Ohio, to Massachusetts, to Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Missouri, and wherever our Mission gifts reached.

Eileen (Mrs. John V.) Moyer

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