About Us

Who We Are

We are real people being real about life – with all its ups and downs. We usually are enjoying and celebrating life, but we have faced some tough issues also: low self-worth, marriage problems, struggles raising children, suicide of loved ones, questioning God’s existence or goodness, job loss, financial challenges, to name a few. Whatever life brings, together we are looking to God’s Word. Together we are finding that Jesus Christ gives meaning to our lives and helps us face the disappointments and challenges along the way. We lift each other up in prayer often, and we rejoice in God’s loving heart-song each time we gather. We’d love to have you join us in finding God’s peace and joy in life’s journey. Come as you are . . . physically and spiritually.

What We Believe

We believe that God….

is infinite… awesome… beyond our full comprehension,

created and sustains all things,

defines reality…. and right and wrong based on His own character,

revealed Himself in history, especially in the person of Jesus Christ and His life given to pay for the sins of all people,

values and loves every person equally,

desires that each person live in loving harmony with Himself,

works through His Spirit and the good news of Jesus’ complete forgiveness  to bring people into harmony with Himself here and now,

and for all eternity.


We believe that every soul….

was made for God,

longs, at the very deepest level, for Him,

needs the love and support of others who love Jesus,

can be certain with great joy that they belong to Him and will live in an awesome paradise with

Him for all eternity.