Frequently Asked Questions

What is Heart-Song?

We are a new Christian fellowship in the Branson, MO area , focused on the saving love of Jesus Christ. We meet regularly at Sunday “Gatherings.”

What is a Heart-Song Gathering like?

Our setting is informal, and we’re often gathered in a circle.  We encourage an atmosphere where everyone can be real with each other and with God – sometimes there’s laughter, sometimes a few tears, always there is care and encouragement.  We begin with a time of refreshments and greeting one another.   All ages are together as we:

  • celebrate with songs of praise in a time of worship,
  • study the Bible, with corresponding Bible-story activities for kids
  • share prayer requests and pray for one another.

 What if I’m not sure about God?

We certainly understand.  There are so many, many messages out there to sort through.  The Heart-Song leaders have experienced that also.  Searching and sorting are essential to having peace of mind.  And we know that it can take time.  We want to help in any way we can – many people have helped each of us.  We appreciate sincere questions and discussions, even on the complex issues.  We believe God wants to carry each of us through the doubts and storms of this life all the way to the gift of eternal life that He offers.  And along the journey together at Heart-Song, we celebrate acceptance that is unconditional, forgiveness that is unlimited, and support that is ongoing.  Come join us.  It may just feel like coming home.

What if I don’t know much at all about the Bible?

We think you’ll find that Heart-Song provides a comfortable place for you.  With God’s Word, every one of us is a learner, and we each grow one step at a time.  We were all created with a God-shaped hole in our souls that only He can fill.  And each step, each new discovery of His love brings inner joy.   Together we’re all discovering, learning and growing.   And we enjoy taking time for the questions that naturally surface as we seek God’s truth.   We have extra Bibles to share if you don’t have one.

Is there singing?  What if I don’t like to sing?

Our Gatherings usually include singing, and some folks just like to listen, and that’s okay.  Music deeply touches the mind and the heart at the same time — whether you’re singing or simply listening.

What’s the dress code?

Casual, informal, and comfortable describes how most people dress.

When and where does Heart-Song meet?

For more information on Heart-Song Gatherings follow the link or choose the menu selection titled Gatherings above.