Our Vision for Families

One of Heart-Song Fellowship’s greatest passion is families.

Our ministry is designed to support families growing together . . .

. . . where acceptance, unconditional love, and forgiveness prevail.

. . . where each member encourages and prays for one another.

We desire that our homes . . .

. . . offer a welcoming haven from the world’s demands and disappointments – a place of peace in the midst of the storms of life for those who dwell or visit there.

. . . are where people take time to listen because they really care for each other.

We want to . . .

. . . nurture in our children the assurance that they are worth more than all the treasures of the earth.

Together we will help each other . . .

. . . grow in confidence as parents.

. . . model a joyful, trusting, thankful relationship with God – helping our children grow to treasure that relationship throughout their lives.

. . . feel comfortable in teaching our children about God’s wonderful gift of sexuality and guy-gal relationships.

. . . with the challenges of parenting adolescents while nurturing meaningful, family relationships.


We want to build homes . . .

. . . where every person can celebrate God’s adoption of them into His family. Baptism is God’s adoption celebration. Just as an adopted child rests secure in his parents choosing him and giving him their own family name, so all the members of your family can rest secure in knowing God has chosen them and given them His name through the gift of Christian baptism. We’d love to visit with you personally about this tremendous gift for you and those you love.

. . . where God is known as a loving Father rather than angry judge – helping each person to know for certain that because of all Jesus did, they are God’s child today and will live with Him in heaven forever.

Heart-Song Gatherings help families . . .

. . . grow together spiritually.

Through our Gatherings parents learn from each other ways they can lead their own families to grow spiritually. And Heart-Song has several home-devotion booklets available – some geared for children, some for teens, and some for adults. These are free upon request – it’s just part of our support for helping families.

We would love to have your family join our faith family!